WARDROBE (W): The word wardrobe is both a noun & a verb. Yasmine Yasmine knows wardrobe is more than a pile of clothes put together. It requires research, pulling, fitting, altering, collaging and dressing. Yasmine Yasmine can create the perfect wardrobe for you and your team for any occasion. Plays, TV, concerts, commercials, music videos, special appearances all require wardrobe. Let Yasmine Yasmine meet all of your wardrobe needs.
EVENT MANAGEMENT (EM): Do you have a great idea but do not know how to budget for it or develop a plant to execute it?  Are you planning a fashion show & need someone to anticipate & address all of the logistical work? Do you have a product and want to create an event or an experience around it? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need an Event Management team! Let Yasmine Yasmine manage your event and leave your worries behind.
PERSONAL SHOPPING (PS):  For the person short on time and long on commitments Yasmine Yasmine’s personal shopping service is priceless. Why rush around purchasing items you already have or really don’t need? Yasmine Yasmine will shop for you and make sure you have all the essentials and some new favorites without you having to stand on a single line. (This service can be delivered in person or via the internet)
PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING (PP): If you have ever signed up for a conference or a social network site then you know the importance of personal packaging. It’s what you respond to when you have to choose from a list of experts to listen to or decide to include someone into your personal circle. The person’s picture and bio. Yasmine Yasmine will sit down and listen to what it is you want to achieve in your career and/or personal life and take inventory of your natural strengths. A team of experts will then be assembled to create a package for you that will include hair, makeup, wardrobe, location, photography and bio editing to ensure that your public profile optimizes your professional and personal opportunities.
CORPORATE ACCULTURATION (CA):  Have you grown from a small business to a bustling corporation? Have you expanded your local business onto global shores? If so, then you know the challenges and importance of maintaining a cohesive look that reinforces your brand. But do your employees?  Yasmine Yasmine can help alleviate your company’s growing pains by working with you or your human resources team to create an acculturation process that visually unifies your employees and strengthens your market impact.
CORPORATE GIFTS (CG): Whether it’s for your clients or colleagues appreciation is always "En Vogue." Yasmine Yasmine will help you select gifts that are both culturally and occasion apropos. Details such as gift hierarchies, personalization and packaging are all taken care of, leaving you to relax and enjoy the good will (and great business) that ensues.
CLOSET CURATION (CC): For every season there is a reason...and Yasmine Yasmine. Closets are the museums of our lives, and while some oldies are definitely goodies you don’t want someone to feel as if they stumbled into Jurassic park when entering your closet. Yasmine Yasmine will help you edit your closet so that anything you pull from it will not only be classically chic but compliment your current figure & lifestyle. This process is  designed to be painless and good for your heart & wallet as arrangements can be made to donate or resell your excessed items.

ARTIST APPRECIATION ASSISTANCE (AAA): Hair stylists, dentists, jewelry designers, dermatologists, clothing designers, plastic surgeons. What do these professionals have in common? They are all artists! However, for art to appreciate in value it must first have an audience. Yasmine Yasmine will help you develop your audience by framing your art in a manner that complements, but does not compete with your masterpiece. For a dentist that may mean ensuring that a client’s after pictures have a new hair & makeup theme to emphasize their new smile in your brochure.  For a clothing designer it may mean pairing your pieces with eclectic jewelry and shoes to ensure your look-book is as universally appealing as possible.


BRAND MANAGEMENT (BM): Have a great brand but don't know how to get it out there? Do you want to focus on making things & let someone else worry about production, packaging & publicity? Do you want others to know that your  company improved its products & practices? Then you need us to manage your brand!

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CREATIVE DIRECTION (CD): Do you have a team of artists & need someone to bring them all onto the same page? Are you planning a fashion show & need someone to staff & oversee all of the departments? Do you have a product and want to create an event or an experience around it? Do you have several ideas within a project but don't know how to pull it all together? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need a  Creative Director! Let Yasmine Yasmine be your Creative Director and bring your vision to life.
SPECIAL OCCASION STYLING (SOS): Black Tie, White Tie, Black Tie Optional, Creative Black tie, Semi-Formal, Cocktail, Business Casual, Casual Elegant, Smart casual, Morning Dress, Dressy Casual, Resort Formal, Religious respectful,  and the list goes on and on. Nowadays invitations can read like a cross between the SAT and a foreign HD player manual  - high stakes and hard to understand! No worries, leave the deciphering and dressing to Yasmine Yasmine. The only thing you will have to figure out is who to bring as your plus one. (This service can be delivered in person or via the internet)
NON PROFIT PRESENTATIONS (NPP): If you or your organization loves helping others improve their lives then you will love working with Yasmine Yasmine. Whether you work with survivors of abuse, sufferers of chronic illnesses, the economically distressed or people embarking on their post carceral journey Yasmine Yasmine will tailor a presentation to address the specific needs of your constituents while showing them how to dress for the life they want.