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WHO WE ARE:  Yasmine Yasmine LLC is a full service creative consulting company that provides access to Creative Direction, Copy Editing, 

Casting, Event management, Brand Management, PR, Wardrobe Styling, Scarf Styling, Hair Styling, Make up Artistry, Nail Artistry, Photography, Web Design, Graphic Design &  related services to the fashion, entertainment & professional industries. 

HOW WE WORK: When working with clients, Yasmine Yasmine LLC conducts a comprehensive assessment to understand their

needs & desires to create outcomes that are not just fashion forward but client comfortable. Built into all our services is

a commitment to confidentiality, courtesy and customization. We don't just work for our clients, we care for them! 

WHAT WE BELIEVE: Work & art should be a dynamic conversation between tradition, modernity & imagination!
Tradition: Legacies are sustained by those who work hard to honor them! We are punctual, diligent, efficient & indefatigable. 
Modernity: Keep up or be left behind! We research industry shifts & embrace emerging technology to keep our clients current.
Imagination: There are no problems, just challenges to one's creativity! We create beautiful solutions. It's our art. 

yasmine yasmine

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 Our company

More than a CEO, Yasmine Yasmine is an Ivy League educated Creative Director, Writer &
​Scarf /Wardrobe Stylist. As the daughter of a model-stylist and granddaughter of an entrepreneur/bibliophile; marrying brains & beauty in business comes natural to this "Phi Beta Kappa Fashionista."

Yasmine Yasmine's degrees in Anthropology & Psychology, serve as the perfect tool for styling as they explore the beauty of creation via its many iterations & the thought processes of the people behind them. 
​Paramount to Yasmine Yasmine's graduate & undergraduate studies are the lessons from her mother's lap.

​Yasmine Yasmine draws from a global palette to create breathtaking looks that combine unique cultural color-ways and modern silhouettes. Her work exhibits a rich verbal/visual patina developed from a youth spent in showrooms, fabric stores, studios, back-stages, libraries, classrooms & museums with her mother. 

​Yasmine Yasmine has dedicated decades to advocating for educational equity & community development,
on local and international platforms for grassroots, governmental and fortune 500 organizations.